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Craft Grown Hops From Central Oregon

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Redmond Oregon, Est. 2015

Terroir and Soil Type

Hops are a flower that are a reflection of their growing conditions weather and soil composition. Cascade Hop Farm LLC, believes that the unique qualities present on the eastern slopes and valleys of the Cascade Mountain range in Central Oregon provides hops grown here with desirable qualities that make then stand out from the hops grown in other regions and climates. We believe these unigue attributes make hops grown at Cascade Hop Farm desireable to Craft Brewers whom are seeking something special from the ingredients they choose to brew with.

Cascade Hop Farm Soil Profile (Central Oregon)

  • Plainview sandy loam, 0 to 3 percent slopes


  • Plainview soil and similar inclusions—85%
  • Contrasting inclusions—15%


  • Landform: Outwash plains
  • Parent material: Ash over glacial outwash
  • Elevation: 3,000 to 4,000 feet

Native plants:

  • Western juniper
  • mountain big sagebrush
  • antelope bitterbrush
  • Idaho fescue
  • needleandthread

Climatic factors:

  • Mean annual precipitation—10 to 12 inches
  • Mean annual air temperature—47 to 52 degrees F
  • Frost-free period—70 to 100 days

Typical Profile

  • 0 to 23 inches—dark grayish brown and brown sandy loam
  • 23 to 39 inches—pale brown very gravelly and extremely gravelly sandy loam
  • 39 to 55 inches—light brownish gray very gravelly loamy sand
  • 55 to 60 inches—very dark grayish brown indurated duripan

Soil Properties and Qualities Depth:

  • Glacial outwash at a depth of 20 to 40 inches; duripan at a depth of 50 to 65 inches; bedrock at a depth of 60 inches or more
  • Drainage class: Well drained
  • Permeability: Moderately rapid
  • Available water capacity: About 5 inches

Contrasting Inclusions

  • Tumalo soils on outwash plains
  • Soils that have a duripan at a depth of more than 60 inches

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