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Redmond Oregon, Est. 2015

Brewery Focused Marketing Solutions

Cascade Hop Farm provides Central Oregons finest craft grown hops, delivered with a unique passion to help drive sales for our brewer partners. At Cascade Hop Farm we believe that buying local grown hops from our farm is simply the start, not the end-goal. We believe in working with our brewer partners to drive awareness and sales of thier craft beer and working to build awareness of the value of drinking local craft beer made with local craft grown hops.

If your a brewer why settle for a box of hops dropped off at the loading doc, demand more from your suppliers and if they are not willing or are unable to support you give us a call (541) 526 1998 or and see what it means to truley partner with Central Oregons premier supplier of craft grown hops.

Brewery Spotlight 

Wild Ride Brewing

Wild Ride Brewing holds a special place in the hearts of all of us at Cascade Hop Farm - as the first brewer to take a chance on a small local start-up hop farm, Wild Ride Brewing showed the true spirit of the craft industry and continues to suport our craft to this very day. In 2015 Wild Ride choose Bine To Pint fresh cascade and centennial hops from the Bachelor yard at Cascade Hop Farm to craft a wet hopped varriant of their award winning 3 Sisters Wet Hopped Red Ale - the resulting 3 Sisters Wet Hopped Red was such a success that it prompted a return in 2016 and again in 2017 for double batches both follow up years! 

What did Wild Ride Brewing get with thier hop order?
Social Media Support - We developed rich imagry incuding graphics and photography to showcase the entire Bine To Pint journey our hops took from local hop yard to the boil and ultimatly into a pint of 3 Sisters Wet Hopped Red Ale.

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